Selling a large lot ( lots) of a security in such a way that the security price is not heavily influenced. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Corporate action that occurs when the issuer of a security delivers a particular benefit or 'proceeds' ( e.g. cash, securities, rights) to a holder of the security and where the underlying holding, which gave rise to the distribution, is unchanged by the corporate action in full. The most obvious example is a cash dividend where a shareholder receives cash or coupons but its original shareholding is unaffected. These corporate actions can be mandatory, or mandatory with options, but cannot be voluntary. See Stock distribution, Distribution with options. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary
The payment of dividends to shareholders from the company's profits.

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distribution dis‧tri‧bu‧tion [ˌdɪstrˈbjuːʆn] noun
1. [uncountable] MARKETING COMMERCE TRANSPORT the actions involved in making goods available to customers after they have been produced, for example moving, storing, and selling the goods:

• The company plans to establish a network of central warehouses to make product distribution more efficient.

• General Motors Corp's Canadian sales arm will take over distribution of Saab cars in Canada.

2. [uncountable] FINANCE when a company's profits are divided up and given to shareholders in the form of dividend S or new shares:

• The company anticipates that about $1.20 to $1.25 a share will be available for distribution.

ˌfinal distriˈbution
[singular] FINANCE the last dividend paid during a financial year, if a company pays dividends more than once during the year
3. [uncountable] ECONOMICS the way in which wealth is divided among people in a particular economy:

• During periods of economic expansion, those who are in the top one-third of the income distribution will always benefit.

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distribution UK US /ˌdɪstrɪˈbjuːʃən/ noun
[U] COMMERCE, TRANSPORT the process of transporting products from a manufacturer, storing them, and selling them to different stores and customers: control/handle the distribution »

We handle the distribution of the product in the US and Mexico.


Investment will be used to expand marketing and distribution capabilities.


We signed a distribution agreement with a company in Spain.


distribution partners/networks

See also DISTRIBUTE(Cf. ↑distribute), DISTRIBUTOR(Cf. ↑distributor)
[C or U] FINANCE a payment of dividends or shares to a company's shareholders: »

Through our Dividend Reinvestment Plan, you can have your distributions reinvested in your account or the same share class in another fund.


This is the final distribution for this year.

[C or U] ECONOMICS the way that money is shared or divided up in an economy or society: »

income distribution


an unequal distribution of wealth/resources

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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